KVLL – Death//Sacrifice (Altar)


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KVLL – Death//Sacrifice (Altar)

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Label: Psychedelic Salad Records / Copper Feast Records

Vinyl: 12-inch, 33rpm, 180g
Colour: ‘Altar’ Edition (Black and White Marble)
Jacket: Matte Finish Jacket

Edition: 150

Number of Tracks: 5

Release Date: The album was initially released digitally on 5 October 2020 and we expect the vinyl to arrive in November 2021.

Limited edition 12″ vinyl version of ‘Death//Sacrifice’, the crushing debut album from KVLL.

The record contains five tracks in total and is available in two editions – ‘Altar’ (Black and White Marble) or ‘Blood’ (Transparent Red and Solid Red Marble).

Side A
01. The Death of All That Is Crushing (05:38)
02. Slow Death (07:06)
03. Sacrifice (04:42)

Side B
01. Blood to the Altar (06:44)
02. Beneath the Throne (09:19)